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Scott Ellis is 43 years old and has been hunting since he was five. It all started in the oak hammocks of central Florida where his father Cliff, taught him squirrel hunting. He then graduated on to ducks and deer. At 10 years old he learned of calling and hunting turkeys and thanks to a brief fall turkey hunt from a friend by the name of Glenn Wilson, Scott was hooked for life. He quickly became obsessed with the wild turkey, it's extensive vocabulary and ability to communicate through vocalizations. As time went on he become proficient at calling all types of wild game located in the southeast US.

    Scott began competitively turkey calling in 1992. At 17 years old and his very first contest he finished 2nd in the Florida State Senior division. He has since accumulated over 40 Florida State titles and won over 90 Open, Friction, Owl and Gobbling divisions in 14 different states. This includes top 5's in the 2010, 2014,2015 and 2016 Grand Nationals Senior Open and the 2014 US Open. He has won three Grand National Head to Head Championships. As well he is the 2014 US Open Owl Hooting Champion. Scott has also completed 4 Grand Slams, two of which were single season and two Royal Slams.

    He has been aired on numerous television shows, Including Hardcore Hunting, Turkey Call,Outdoor Allstars, Get in the Game, Woodhaven Pure Turkey and The Natural Addiction.

    Scott is also a published outdoor writer. His articles have been featured in Florida Sportsman, Game and Fish magazines,(20 states) Turkey and Turkey Hunting,, Woods and Water, and is a contributing writer for

    One of his proudest accomplishments are his two turkey mouth call instructional DVD's, Mouth Call Magic 1 and 2. These DVD's have helped thousands of turkey hunters take their calling ability to the next level, producing better success rates in the field.

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