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Turkey Chatter!

Real turkey video! Joe Slaton has hours of awesome turkey footage and we will posting it up for your viewing and listening pleasure. A great tool to hone your tone and cadences. Learn about Joe Slaton below.

My name is Joe Slaton. I have been turkey hunting since 1983 and have killed turkeys in 15 different states, along with taking 3 Grand Slams and a Royal Slam of the wild turkey. I killed my 100th turkey in the spring of 2011 in Nebraska and have called in 3 times that many for other hunters. I am an 9 time turkey calling champion, 3 time CA State Champion and have competed Nationally. I have been a Mossy Oak camo prostaffer since 2008 and I am also on the Field staff for Turkey Hunt Public Land. I love to introduce new hunters to turkey hunting and have called in several turkeys for first time turkey hunters. I teach several turkey hunting seminars each year and get excited to share my knowledge and experiences during these seminars. My love for turkey hunting and passion for Jesus Christ is the reason I started my own turkey call company called Mother Lode Turkey Calls. I currently make my own Box calls, pot calls, trumpets, scratch boxes, tube calls, and mouth calls. I have been videoing and taking pictures of turkey for many years. I have over 2000 pictures of wild turkeys and many video and audio reels of turkeys in the wild. God Bless,



Preseason scouting strutters

Hen calling2

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